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Yellowing in Carpet
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Yellowing in Carpet

There are many reasons why a carpet may turn yellow. If the yellow is lighter than the surrounding carpet then there is a loss of color. That means if a brown carpet turns yellow, then it loss blue & red dye. Example bleach stain resulting in a color loss. Note that the yellow is lighter than the white carpet.

bleach_spot_laundry.jpg (43479 bytes)

However, a carpet may turn to a yellow darker than the surrounding carpet from excessive alkalinity such as from carpet cleaning. When this happens, the yellow is darker than the surrounding carpet. Click the picture to see more on this topic.

wpe5.jpg (61403 bytes)

Another reason a carpet may yellow may be due to atmospheric gases. The way to tell if this is the problem is whether the carpet is the original color underneath item that protect the carpet from the atmosphere. The example below is where a pot-plant had set. Note the carpet around the pot is yellow and that the yellowing is darker than the surrounding carpet.

wpe8.jpg (8893 bytes)

Another reason a carpet may yellow may be due to the release of a solvent called BHT. BHT is butyl-hydroxyl-toluene and may be found in some pads, (carpet cushions). You will need an inspector's & laboratory's help to find this.

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