Why choose a consumer advocate inspector from this list?

The two inspectors are the unsurpassed concerning any type of defect within the floor covering industry that is upsetting your pocket book. Consumer advocates are the only inspectors on this list that have NO attachments or connections with the manufacturing community that would affect their judgment or opinion when scrutinizing your concerns. They have little to no income being paid to them from writing reports for the manufacturer that you are struggling with right now. One inspector on this list has been ostracized from the manufacturing community for over 10 years, for the reason that he wrote the truth when manufacturers commissioned him fourteen years ago. The inspectors on this list only write the verifiable truth to reach their conclusions.

When a consumer advocate writes a report you can be sure that there is NO conflict of interest, and they may find some other manufacturing defects that have not yet been uncovered. The inspectors on this list are unmatched in report writing, and use of independent testing laboratories to get empirical numbers for the reports conclusion. The laboratories that are used by the consumer advocate inspectors have NO connection with the manufacturing communities, as do many of the labs in the same geographic areas where your product has been manufactured.

These consumer advocate inspectors on this list have been certified for more than 14 years each, and up to 37 years in the floor covering industry. The inspectors on this list have seen every possible defect or issue you or your client may have have discovered. The consumer advocate inspector will have no hesitation in telling you or your client that there is a case for you to fight or for you not to spend your money on any further investigation of the noticeable symptoms that you have seen.

These consumer advocate inspectors on this list either know the laws (Uniform Commercial Code, Common Law/Modern code) that have been adopted by your state, or can get the information within a brief period of time to help you with your rights by means of defective goods or breach of contract. These are the two and only two legal rights you have to get your defective goods and installation challenges replaced and/or a money judgment for you or your client.

Among the consumer advocate inspectors on this list there is an enormous amount of knowledge within this small group, or just a phone call or click away to retrieve that information needed. They know the questions to ask and have no apprehension to ask every question needed for the resolution of the issues being addressed. These inspectors are prepared to go to any state in the Union to inspect and consult with anyone who is prepared to heir them.


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