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Water Marking & Pooling in Carpet

Serpentine lines made from unknown forces in carpet's pile direction.

Water marking, pooling, or shading is a pile change that takes place after the carpet is installed. More often it takes place in plush cut pile yarns. Replacing the carpet with the similarly constructed carpet will likely produce pooling again. Steam or other corrective measures have not been known to have a lasting effect.

Pooling gets its name from the optical effect of looking like pools of water have been spilt on the carpet. There only two things that are sure about pooling:

  1. It will likely place in plush cut pile yarns and not on density loop pile carpet
  2. It is location specific and is coming from forces that are in the dwelling in which it is taking place. We  are not sure what those forces are yet.

This is not considered a manufacturing defect; however, for consumers the issue is whether the manufacturer or dealer made disclosure of the potential problem. Likewise, consumers could also have a responsibility to warn potential buyer's or their property. Many crush resistant warranties have disclosure of this problem.

pooling_saxony.gif (74597 bytes)

The affected area above is the dark area. When viewed from the opposite directions this same area will appear to be light and the rest of the carpet will be darker.

serpentine_line_pooling.gif (63549 bytes)

Pooling also makes serpentine lines such as the one above. Serpentine borders are also characteristic of pooling.

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