If you are experiencing a problem or you are doing research for school on carpet, then our research area contains information on many topics including:

  1.  Buckling
  2.  Carpet cushion standards
  3.  Cleaning Methods and after-cleaning problems
  4.  Color loss
  5.  Conversion Table, a table for the professional cleaner to examine
  6.  Crushing
  7.  Upholstery issues
  8.  Fiber ID Chart
  9.  Filtration soiling
  10.  Fuzzing
  11.  Lines
  12.  Olefin carpet: read this before installation
  13.  Pattern match
  14.  Pulled loops
  15.  Red conditions that may occur after a carpet is cleaned
  16.  Side matches where the color does not match at the seams
  17.  Traffic lane grays
  18.  Urine
  19.  Water marking, a.k.a. shading, shore lining, or pile reversal
  20.  Yellowing conditions (carpet turns yellow)

If you are a professional cleaner or want to be one, look at these resources:

  1.  How to interpret pH readings using a digital meter
  2.  How to identify urine
  3.  How to convert Vaccuum Watt to BTU's, Electrical Watts, or anything else
  4.  How to identify problems that occur after cleaning

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  • WoolSafe study on the effects of pH and colorfastness
    The testing laboratory and accreditation agency for products for cleaning wool have concluded there is no direct correlation between the pH of a cleaning product and ill effects of its alkalinity.
  • Buying New Carpet by James B. Smith
    If you need information from a carpet inspector's perspective, then try this section.
  • Filing a claim for defective goods with a manufacturer
    If you are a consumer and you suspect that there is a defect in your carpet, then you should follow our recommended procedures of letting the carpet mill send their own inspector first. However, we would like to give you some tips on how not be taken advantage of.
  • Cleaning Methods
    If you are considering getting your carpet professionally cleaned, then check out this section. There is additional information on problems that can occur after cleaning.