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FUZZING in Carpet

Two conditions might be causing your carpet to look fuzzy. If the carpet is of a looped construction as the one below, then fiber may be slipping from the yarn. This condition could be from overuse, improper maintenance, sub-standard cushion, or insufficient latex penetration during manufacturing.

Also, according to the FLOOR COVERING DICTIONARY the following definitions are given for latex:

BUNDLE WRAP - The bead of latex that surrounds a pulled tuft.

LATEX - A water emulsion of synthetic rubber, natural rubber, or other polymer. In carpet, latex is used for laminating secondary backings to tufted carpet, backcoating carpet and rugs, and for manufacturing formed cushion. Almost all carpet latex consists of styrene-butadiene synthetic rubber (SBR) compounded with large quantities of powder fillers. The later are most often whiting, which is calcium carbonate. Latex is the raw material from which rubber is made.

LATEX PENETRATION - Yarn is removed from the primary and secondary backings and inspected under a microscope to determine how much latex penetrated the yarn bundle that exist beneath the primary backing. The results are stated as a percentage of latex penetration. A generally acceptable level is about 85% Latex penetration determines the tuft bind of the carpet.

If the Latex penetration is exceptionally low, then you might get what is on the left-hand-side of the picture below. This style of carpet is called Sisal and the fiber is wool.

fuzzing.gif (54876 bytes)

If the carpet is of a 'cut pile' construction such as the Frieze or Saxony Style, then the yarn could be loosing twist. Your carpet may look like this:

If you are experiencing this problem, then send a sample off to an independent testing laboratory. Ask for LATEX PENETRATION & BUNDLE WRAP TESTING.

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