My offer may be the best you will find, because like yourself, am a carpet inspector. I own and as such, I understand how you need to be involved with the World Wide Web. My goal is to share this site with you.

This site registers high with most search engines and is a way for you to:

    1. Have a professional web address like mine, It is somewhat difficult to give someone an address like "MyOnlineISP.Com/~MyName. You are after all a carpet inspector and your web address should be CarpetInspector.Com/MyCompanyName. In addition I can give you a forwarding e-mail address like mine,

    2. Get new business from consumers. Nearly every inspector who has registered with has gotten back his or her investment from customers inspections. Our listing is very high on most search engines and I am working diligently to keep it high. If you are like me, you have spent money on Yellow Pages that cost way too much for the return. With your own web site, you can say a lot more about yourself for far less.

    3. Distribute your important documents like inspection request forms, Curriculum Vitae, Fee Schedule, and Consulting Agreement. If you do not have these documents already, we have them available at no extra charge. Check out the ones on my personal site, because when you are talking with an attorney and want to quickly establish your credibility, the easiest way to do it is to say, "go to and look at my web page. There you will see my Curriculum Vitae, Fee Schedule, and Consulting Agreement." In addition when you are dealing with small businesses and carpet dealers, a signed request form means more assurance that you will collect your fee. Finally, a recent event with myself was at the end of a deposition that only lasted a couple of hours. The attorney was only going to pay me for two hours until I reminded him that I have a four hour minimum. He was reluctant to pay the additional fee until we went to his own computer and looked up my fee schedule on the net.

The price for all of this is very good -- only $250 for the setup and for the first year. Thereafter the renewal fee is only $100 per year. On top of that, I will do something that few others will do; I will turn administration rights over to you. That means you can edit your own site with your computer. Many programs like Microsoft Word will let you do this and so will many web browsers. If you have other web development software, you are fee to use that too.

But WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You will also gain access into a large electronic reference guide called THE 100 CLUB. This valuable resource contains over 100 extremely detailed reports, worksheets, testing procedures, research articles on many subjects.
There are references to ASTM and AATCC testing procedures, HUD STANDARDS, and Carpet Mill Mailing list.  Because it is on the web it is updated, so you do not have to purchase the latest edition. Whether you are new in the business or have been doing inspection for a while, this alone may be worth the price of admission.

If you are interested, just e-mail me or call. My number is toll free at 800-675-4003 and I will tell you how to get started. I office at home, so evening calls (Pacific Day light savings time) are acceptable.